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Common questions

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The Montana University System has partnered with Quottly, Inc. to create Montana Online Course Exchange, a course search and registration platform that makes it easy to find and register for online transferable courses. Montana Online Course Exchange provides students with convenient and affordable access to online courses offered at other Montana universities.

Montana Online Course Exchange makes course searching easy and accessible. To search, first choose your home institution so your search results populate transferable courses. Then enter the keyword related to your course, ie. Math, and select ‘Go’ to browse through your course options. Once on the search results page, take advantage of search filters to help you find the exact course you need!

Montana Online Course Exchange uses cross registration to allow you to easily register for your course. Once you find the course you want to register for, simply click the add class button. This will prompt you to login through your home college. After you’re logged in, you will fill out a Student Consent Form and you’re registered!

Yes, once you’ve found the course you want to take online, please meet with your General Education Advisor to ensure that the course will count towards your general education requirements. Quottly support staff are also available to assist you to assist with this process.

You can drop your course through the Dashboard on your Montana Online Course Exchange account. Please make sure to follow the guidelines outlined by each individual university regarding their policies for dropping courses.

When you register for your course, the tuition fee is added to your home institution’s tuition bill. During your regular tuition billing cycle, you will be able to pay for your course together with your home institution tuition fees.

To dispute a grade you must follow the guidelines provided by the teaching institution. Should you need assistance, contact their advising office.

When you register for your course, you will be sent a welcome information email that contains a student ID number for the teaching institution of your course and instructions to set up a student account. Your course information will then be accessible through your student account at the teaching institution. Basic course information will also appear in your Class Schedule tab in your Montana Online Course Exchange account.